Module vlc :: Class CallbackDecorators :: Class VideoUnlockCb
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Class VideoUnlockCb

object --+        
 ??._CData --+    
 ??.PyCFuncPtr --+

Callback prototype to unlock a picture buffer. When the video frame decoding is complete, the unlock callback is invoked. This callback might not be needed at all. It is only an indication that the application can now read the pixel values if it needs to.

Note: A picture buffer is unlocked after the picture is decoded, but before the picture is displayed.

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  _argtypes_ = (<class 'ctypes.c_void_p'>, <class 'ctypes.c_void...
  _flags_ = 1
  _restype_ = None
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(<class 'ctypes.c_void_p'>,
 <class 'ctypes.c_void_p'>,
 <class 'vlc.LP_c_void_p'>)