Module vlc :: Class CallbackDecorators :: Class VideoFormatCb
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Class VideoFormatCb

object --+        
 ??._CData --+    
 ??.PyCFuncPtr --+

Callback prototype to configure picture buffers format. This callback gets the format of the video as output by the video decoder and the chain of video filters (if any). It can opt to change any parameter as it needs. In that case, LibVLC will attempt to convert the video format (rescaling and chroma conversion) but these operations can be CPU intensive.

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  _argtypes_ = (<class 'vlc.LP_c_void_p'>, <class 'ctypes.c_char...
  _flags_ = 1
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(<class 'vlc.LP_c_void_p'>,
 <class 'ctypes.c_char_p'>,
 <class 'vlc.LP_c_uint'>,
 <class 'vlc.LP_c_uint'>,
 <class 'vlc.LP_c_uint'>,
 <class 'vlc.LP_c_uint'>)