Module vlc :: Class CallbackDecorators :: Class MediaOpenCb
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Class MediaOpenCb

object --+        
 ??._CData --+    
 ??.PyCFuncPtr --+

Callback prototype to open a custom bitstream input media. The same media item can be opened multiple times. Each time, this callback is invoked. It should allocate and initialize any instance-specific resources, then store them in *datap. The instance resources can be freed in the @ref libvlc_media_close_cb callback.

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  _argtypes_ = (<class 'ctypes.c_void_p'>, <class 'vlc.LP_c_void...
  _flags_ = 1
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(<class 'ctypes.c_void_p'>,
 <class 'vlc.LP_c_void_p'>,
 <class 'vlc.LP_c_ulong'>)