Module vlc :: Class CallbackDecorators :: Class AudioPlayCb
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Class AudioPlayCb

object --+        
 ??._CData --+    
 ??.PyCFuncPtr --+

Callback prototype for audio playback. The LibVLC media player decodes and post-processes the audio signal asynchronously (in an internal thread). Whenever audio samples are ready to be queued to the output, this callback is invoked. The number of samples provided per invocation may depend on the file format, the audio coding algorithm, the decoder plug-in, the post-processing filters and timing. Application must not assume a certain number of samples. The exact format of audio samples is determined by libvlc_audio_set_format() or libvlc_audio_set_format_callbacks() as is the channels layout. Note that the number of samples is per channel. For instance, if the audio track sampling rate is 48000 Hz, then 1200 samples represent 25 milliseconds of audio signal - regardless of the number of audio channels.

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  _argtypes_ = (<class 'ctypes.c_void_p'>, <class 'ctypes.c_void...
  _flags_ = 1
  _restype_ = None
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(<class 'ctypes.c_void_p'>,
 <class 'ctypes.c_void_p'>,
 <class 'ctypes.c_uint'>,
 <class 'ctypes.c_long'>)