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Knowledge engineering consulting - Research and development

As an engineer and holding a PhD in computer science, I can help you set up a relevant exploitation of your data: from the modeling of information to its collection, cleaning, exploration and visualization, to serve as a support for their analysis. In order to make your data “speak”, one of the challenges is to make them intelligible, via interactive and dedicated presentations that I can design and / or develop. Reflection on the issues of information modeling and visualization can also shed new light and new questions on research practices.

A practitioner of interdisciplinarity, I can interact with and bridge the gap between different communities, taking advantage of my experience built through projects related to Digital Humanities, media studies, education, arts...

I can bring contributions in different phases of your projects: questioning practices, finding innovative solutions, setting up experimental or operational devices, analysis of uses, scientific promotion ...

Do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your concerns.


Digital Humanities Document engineering Knowledge engineering Audiovisual annotation Hypervideos Dataviz Activity traces Learning Analytics User-centered systems


Journal articles

International conferences

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I can share my knowledge and expertise in multiple areas, to a variety of audiences: students, researchers, practitioners...

Free Software

I develop and contribute mainly to Free/Libre Software. I am the main developer of the Advene video annotation software, the author and maintainer of the python-vlc bindings and have contributed to some projects such as:

Most of the software I produce is on my Github account.


Olivier AUBERT

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